Q. I forgot my login details. How do I get them?

Please visit and do one of the following:

- To get details in an email, please enter your email address you have used to register the account (or)

- To get details in an SMS, please enter the mobile number you have registered for your account.

Q. How do I register my Mobile? (or) I am not able to register my Mobile?

To register your mobile on Indyarocks please log into your account and visit the Settings link under the Menu Item “SMS” (or click here).

You will need to enter your mobile number and click on on register mobile. A verify code (of 5 characters long) will be sent to your mobile phone in an SMS. Please enter the same in the settings page to complete your mobile registration.

Q. Problem registering your Mobile?

  • Did not receive or lost the verify code?

  • Every time you register your mobile we will send you a new code. So in case you have not received the code or deleted it,    please re-register your mobile one more time (by clicking here). If you are still not receiving it, please send an email to with your mobile number and the details of the problem.

  • Q. It shows my number is already registered. Why?

  • You must have registered your mobile with another account in the past and may be logging into a different account now. You    can obtain the login details for that account in an SMS by entering the mobile number at

    Please visit and click on Change Password link to update your password. To update your email address, just click on Change Email button and submit your new email address.

Q. How do I change my password or registered email address?

Q. How do I send a group SMS?

You can send group SMS to your friends who have registered their mobile numbers on Indyarocks. To send a group SMS, please visit My Friends page (available under Friends option in the Menu) and click on Group Settings and create a group.

After you create a group, select the friends on the page whom you wish to add to a group and click on Actions on the same page and click on the appropriate group.

After that visit the Free SMS page to send free group SMS to your friends.

Note: You can use these groups also to show your photos to a particular group. Example, you family photo can be viewable only by your family or your school photos will be viewable only by your school friends etc.

*** If you are looking to send group SMS to non-members you can choose the premium SMS services available at smsgold

Q. I am a member of Indyarocks and I do not want to receive any notification messages on my mobile or Email.  How do I disable the same?

If you are a member of Indyarocks and would not like to receive any alert SMS or emails related to your account please login to your account and uncheck the options under Notifications on

Q. How do I block a user to ensure I do not receive any more messages from that user?

If you do not want to get messages from a particular user, please visit his/her profile page and click on Block User link on the left hand side under their profile picture.

To manage the Blocked User or your Favorite user list, you can click on the Bookmarks link available under MyLife Menu.

Q. How do I delete friends?

Please visit your My Friends page ( and select the friends you would like to delete and click on Actions drop down menu and choose delete. Or you can choose the edit option available beside each of your friends and click on delete button.

Q. I am not a member of Indyarocks. How do I ensure I do not receive any SMS/Email from Indyarocks?

Indyarocks respects your privacy and we have implemented procedures to help your protect your privacy.

- To avoid invitation emails from Indyarocks users, please use the unsubscribe options provided in the email you have received from Indyarocks.

- To avoid unwanted SMS from Indyarocks, please visit

Q. I do not want Indyarocks to send reminder emails for the invitations I already sent. How do I disable this feature?

We apologize if our invite reminder service has caused you some inconvenience. We only send reminders of the email invites you had sent in the past and that too we do not send more than 3 reminders per year. Apart from that we do not send any more new invites or store any of your email account information with us. However if you wish not to send any more reminders to your friends, please login to your account and visit the pending invites page at to delete the pending invitations. In case you do not find any pending invites on that page please contact us at

Q. I am not able to login to Indyarocks from few locations?

  • Problem accessing from office?

    Are you trying to access the site from a corporate location where there may be a firewall blocking your access to the site? If so one way to access Indyarocks from such a location is to go through a proxy site such as (please enter the Indyarocks URL on the mamproxy page) or Please be aware that proxy sites may store your login information.

  • Q. Problem accessing from home?

       If you are having problem accessing it from home then please change your Home DNS servers to following open DNS    servers



  • for more info :


Q. How do I earn money on Indyarocks?

Its very simple to earn money on Indyarocks, all you have to do is:

- Add a Youtube video by copy/pasting its URL or embed code, for each video added, you will get 2 paise

- Watch any video on Indyarocks, each video you watch, you will get 2 paise

- Invite your friends to join Indyarocks, for each friend that joins Indyarocks through your invite and registers his/her mobile number, you will get Rs. 1

To know more about rules in detail, kindly click on below link:

If none of the above are helping, then visit to identify your IP address and send the same details to

Got a problem?

For general inquiries or to request support with your Indyarocks account, write us at

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