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Understanding Kratom: Identifying the Different Strains of MitragynaSpeciosa,

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You wake up very early in the morning to prepare for your work that will end up around five in the afternoon. However, the cold morning breeze and your tired body seemed like to protest from getting up in the harsh weather. Yet, you remember that you have to go to work because of your unfinished reports.

Make your body move and more productive! Boost your performance with kratom supplements!

MitragynaSpeciosa or Kratom is a tropical tree belonging to the family Rubiaceae. This plant originally grows in warm climates, however, in the recent years, some parts of US started in domesticating this herb. Pieter Korthals a Dutch colonial botanist is the reason behind the discovery of the miraculous plant. The botanist and recent scientific studies conducted results into positive outcome verifying the efficacy of kratom in offering various medical properties which are essential to human health.

In the past, kratom is used by Asian countries as a remedy to pain, low-physical performance and a treatment for drug addicts. Due to the therapeutic tendencies of the plant, it became a popular medication in fighting off the increasing number of illegal drug abusers. Kratom contains 25 alkaloids wherein two of which are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine is powerful mu-receptor antagonist. These are components of the plant which shows its opioid features.

Kratom has different strains. For a beginner, you might think each plant looks similar. Indeed, its leaves are similar, but look closer to its veins. You will find out that the stems of kratom differ from other strain of the plant. Consequently, the color of its veins tells apart a significant type of kratom from another.

It is essential to learn more about the several types of kratom. Hence, as a guide to consumers here are the safest kratom strains.

1.    Maeng Da Kratom - refers to white kratom, this plant is usually used for its energizing and relaxing effects. This strain is notable as one of the most effective types. However, some say this plant is genetically modified, but, the claim remains a rumor. Although this plant is a product of grafting to produce more effective and higher quality kratom strain.

2.    Red Borneo Kratom - this strain originates from the land of Borneo. People who always feel anxiety is recommended to use this medication. It can make a person more relaxed as well as increases pleasurable effects.

3.    Red Thai Kratom - if you are experiencing depression, the red kratom is the best option to use. It has powerful anti-depressant qualities which enhance the mood of an individual, turning even your darkest mood into a sunshine bright one.

Kratom is available on the market in the form of supplements. You can see different types of kratom for sale in online sites and pharmaceutical stores. However, if you are having doubts on the safety of these products, then, why not visit the best place to buy kratom?

At Kratom IQ you will know the leading producers of kratom medication.You still have the chance to boost your performance at work. Use Kratom!

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