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Detecting the Frozen Portion of Your Water Piping System,

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One of the biggest problems that homeowners experience during the cold winter months is frozen water pipes. It does not only give you the inconvenience of not having water to use, but it could also bring serious water damage to your home if the frozen plumbing pipes burst because of the expanding ice inside them. Once nothing comes out of your faucets or the water flow slows down to a trickle, chances are your pipe is already frozen. The following are some plumbing tips to help you do quick fixes for your frozen pipes:

You must try to locate the frozen section of your plumbing. To do this, the first thing to do is to open the faucet that is connected to the frozen pipe. This will assist you in determining what area of the pipes is frozen. Follow the section from which the affected faucet to the suspected pipe area that is frozen and tap your way until you hear a solid sound. The frozen parts are usually the portion of the unheated crawlspace, the basement, or the outside wall. The part would surely show sign of accumulate ice on it and pipe bulging may also be evident.

The frozen part can either be outside or inside your home. If it is outside, it can be easier to defrost it without any professional assistance. If it is inside, however, you should learn and know more about defrosting procedures that you can use to solve the freezing problem. it will be more challenging to repair and you must hire pros to do the work for you.

If the pipe that is frozen is outside and you have access to it, then it can be easily defrosted. Once the damaged portion has been located, you can now defrost it. There are certain ways to do this, First is to make sure that the main water valve is actually open so that it can actually begin to flow through once the defrosting procedure commences. Next step is to choose the appropriate heating method. One of the most common defrosting methods is by using a regular hair dryer. This is the safest option. Make sure to heat the areas of the pipes leading to the faucet that is not working so that the liquid inside it will naturally flow out. There are other alternative heating appliances that can be used to do the defrosting namely portable heaters, electric plumbing heat tape, heat lamps, and more. These items may do the job but this can be expensive if they are not on hand or if you still have to buy the new items.

If the affected part is in a wall or inside the ceiling, this means that it will be more difficult to solve without causing any water damage to the nearby places. You should hire a North Shore plumber in these situations. If the solid section is in a location where it will be difficult to access without demolishing the wall, try turning up the heat inside the house and observe if it will defrost on its own. You could also try to utilize one of the recommended heat sources that are placed against the wall to help speed up the defrosting process.

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