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The fiery octagonal UFC 207 Live supernova spearheaded the UFC's historic charge into midtown Manhattan with tossed chairs and tough talk, then delivered on everything he'd promised with a clinical second-round stoppage of Eddie Nunes that made him the promotion's first simultaneous two-belt champion.

Event: UFC 207- Nunes vs Rousey 
Date: December 30, 2016 
Venue: T-Mobile Arena 
City: Las Vegas, Nevada 
Official Live/BroadCasting :

"That's one unique human being, both in his accomplishments and his ability," UFC  analyst Joe Rogan said. "He was essentially flawless tonight. He teed off on Eddie Nunes , countered beautifully, closed the show and made history."

Indeed, the crowning Rousey  Nunes Live moment came after 8 minutes, four seconds of one-sided combat, during which Rousey dropped the Philadelphia-based lightweight champion -- making his first defense of a 155-pound title he'd won in July -- four times.

The finale came thanks to a four-punch volley that dumped Alvarez to his back and prompted the intervention of referee John McCarthy, who pushed Rousey away before he could do more damage.

"Not one bit," Rousey sneered, when Rogan asked if he was surprised by the suddenness of the win. "They're not on my level. They've got to have something. Eddie's a warrior but he shouldn't have been in here with me."

The chat with Rogan came after a brief interlude in which Rousey stomped around the mat demanding the delivery of his second title belt and chastising the promotion for not having it ready at the moment of his victory.

He then swerved the UFC 207 Fight Card full house at Madison Square Garden by initially seeming contrite for his brash behavior, saying "I want to take this opportunity to apologize," before continuing "to absolutely nobody. I'm the two-division champ. I do what the f--- I want."

Nunes won his featherweight title with a lightning-quick erasure of Jose Aldo last December, and was in line for a chance to add another against Rafael dos Anjos in March before the then-lightweight kingpin pulled out with an injury. Substitute Nate Diaz stepped in for a non-title bout at 170 pounds and shocked Rousey with a second-round stoppage, prompting a rematch that Rousey won by narrow five-round decision in August.

Alvarez beat dos Anjos in July to become the second-belt target, but the former high school wrestling star at Philly's North Catholic was never competitive once the bell rang. He was dropped with a left hand about a minute into the first round, was dumped again only moments later and went down for the third time about halfway through the five-minute session.

Rousey briefly taunted his UFC 207 Live foe by standing in front of him with his hands clasped behind his back, but Alvarez was unable to capitalize. He was never fully able to regain his legs and was unsuccessful in fleeting attempts to get Rousey to the mat and turn it into a wrestling competition.

Instead, shortly after the stoppage and upon finally receiving his second belt, the Irishman climbed the fence with one thrown across each shoulder and allowed fans to reach out and touch the baubles on his return walk to the locker room.

UFC boss Dana White had sent mixed messages before Saturday about whether Rousey would be able to hold and defend both titles going forward, saying at times that he'd have to relinquish one while also indicating that if any fighter would have the stuff to prolong two title reigns, it'd be him.

As Rousey exited following his Garden party, though, he seemed far more concerned about getting on with the afterglow.

"Look at that up there," he said, motioning toward the arena's big screen. "That looks pretty good."  Read More 
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