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Have Your Own Public Notary Office,

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The important task of a Notary Public is to witness signatures and verify the legitimacy of the sign. Depending on the related and applicable laws for your state, a Notary may also oversee affirmations and oaths, certify copies, and in some states even officiate at weddings. Thus, if you qualify and become a notary public, you can try investing and have your own notary public office and do these things.

Below are some of the advantages if you want to have your own notarial business. First, you can start your new business with a limited investment. Of course, you need to have a computer with internet access as well as a printer. You also need to have your Notary Public license that can cost from $30 to a couple of hundred depending on requirements of your state. You may also want to take a course intended for Notary Signing Agents (NSA), as this is where you would get most of your work. An NSA works for title agencies and mortgage companies going to people's house and helps them sign loan documents. So, for just a small amount of hundred dollars you can operate and run your office as a Notary Public.

Second, you get to meet different kinds of interesting people. Being a Notary Public you will meet many people from all walks of life doing this work, so if you love meeting new people, this is a great job. Third, the job is fairly easy to learn. With the exclusion of a couple of states, the rules are fairly clear cut and easy to handle. Some states though such as California and Florida, have extensive rules and regulations that you must learn, so if you are staying in those states, you can consider this point a cons. And fourth; this is a great and excellent part-time job. If you simply want to work limited hours to add-on your income, you can definitely do it as a Notary Public. In Los Angeles notary public, the minimum fee for notarizing a single document such as Acknowledgement could cost at least $10 so you can earn a lot of money.

And lastly, you can have a huge market if you offer mobile notary public services. You can view some FAQ about mobile notary public service fee from this site.An example of Los Angeles notary public that offers a notary mobile service is Rachel Mintz. The company has been notarizing documents of all kinds including real estate, estate planning, apostille, immigration, financial agreements, contracts and more since 2007. Additionally, the firm offer services in oath administration, certified document translation and can provide investigators of elections and language interpreters.

They can meet you in just about 60 minutes after you contact them at a film location, law firm, home, office, studio, hospital, courthouse, correction facility, county recorder, convalescent home or any place of business or residence. Their mobile notaries are punctual, reliable, friendly, competent, and professional.They offer good rates and will travel all through the state of California. If you have any inquiries, you can always contact them from the numbers indicated on their website.Rachel Mintz Mobile Notary Los Angeles services can be accessed and be contacted 24 hours a day!

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