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5 rules for planting trees,

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Are you interested in changing the face of your garden, so you have decided to plant some trees? You will surely be thrilled with the idea of planting trees simply because it is thanks to them that you will gain some shade in the garden and a cool place to spend the hot summer days. However, planting trees is not a very easy job as you might think it is. There are a few rules that you need to follow if you want the trees to grow healthy and strong, so do some additional reading and learn more about how to correctly plant trees.

1. Locate logically

When you decide to plant a tree in your garden, you have to make sure that you choose the right spot. Keep in mind that big trees develop root systems underground and that they also develop big systems of branches above. This means that big trees need space, so don’t plant them around smaller trees.

2. Choose the right trees

There are so many types of trees available on the market that choosing the right ones for your garden can be complicated. You can ask for the help and guidance of an arborist but if you choose to do this all by yourself, you need to first decide what you want the trees for. Do you want them for shade? Do you want them for privacy? Are you planting some flowering trees to make the garden more beautiful than it already is? Choose accordingly, as there are certain details that you’ll surely want to consider.

3. Plant properly

If you want to plant some new trees in your garden, you should be aware that you can’t do this whenever you decide that the garden needs some changes. Choose to learn more about how to properly plant trees, as there is a specific time of the year when you can do this. Specialists recommend to plant trees when the weather is cool, humid and cloudy, but not windy. In addition to this, keep in mind that it is wrong to tamp the soil around the roots with your feet. This is a big mistake that numerous people commit when they decide to plant trees and you need to avoid doing this.

4. Mulch

The plants and trees in urban environments don’t have mulch to cover their roots, so you need to provide it to them. Mulch is a concoction of leaves, organic material and living organisms such as earthworms that covers the roots, offering them nutrients and also playing the role of insulation.

5. Accept professional help

Trees need regular attention and care and the best way to provide it to them is by hiring professionals. You can have a more beautiful garden with tree pruning services offered by specialized tree removal companies, so accept the helping hand. There are plenty of companies specialized in tree pruning services so hire one of them and you can be sure of the fact that the face of your garden will be completely changed. 

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