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Fake Eyelash: the Bright Side and the Dark Side of It,

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Do you feel the hassle of knowing what is the best eyelash growth serum? Every time you want to increase your lashes you don't know which types of mascara or fiber type lashes you would be using. Here's your option: use fake eyelashes. That is one of those great choices to enhance length and volume of your eyelashes. But before you get all the excitement to wear those false eyelashes, keep in mind that they are used for a different purpose, know that fake eyelashes comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Like that best eyelash growth serum, fake or false eyelash comes with its own set of pros and cons.

Here's the bright side of wearing fake eyelashes:

One, they can give you a killer look. Nothing can beat those lashes full, long and thick. Companies can deny this but even mascara commercials which present new formulas give you the look of an eyelash that is fake. Their models wear these false eyelashes actually. You bet and check it out online.

Two, once you discovered the technique, these eyelashes are so easy to put on. Brands come in with built in strip. You just need to press it then go. They are affordable and reusable as well. You have many choices so you can always change as often as you want to.

Three, they make your appearance look great. If you don't have natural long eyelash, these products are best way to develop your look and give yourself pretty lashes. You can choose from various lengths of colors. You can select that one which is like your natural eyelash color.

Four, they possess versatility. You can apply them for any occasion. That makes them versatile. They are perfect on all occasions. You can match them up with your dressing up and you can accent them on the look you want.

Here's the dark side of wearing fake eyelashes:

The number one in the list is the glue. Besides that it's messy, it can cause allergic reaction and infection on your eyes especially if you have sensitive ones. It is recommended to test the glue by putting a dot near your eyebrow before putting those falsies. These lashes may look dramatic but once they fall out of place, it reveals its plasticity. When removing these lashes, do it carefully. Loosen the adhesive first before pulling off because if you pulled them off improperly, your real hairs may be pulled out, too.

Next, the application of them would take too long. One to two hours of waiting so that professional can apply them properly is hassle particularly if you feel uncomfortable in sitting.

Another thing, they are really costly. The average amount you would be spending is from one hundred dollars to three hundred dollars. That still depends on the type of eyelashes you pick.

Then lastly, they ask for high maintenance. Going back to a salon every six to eight weeks is time consuming. Another cost of money, of course.

You need to keep on searching and get more info after you've learned the bright side and dark side of wearing fake eyelashes.

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