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PLASMA CUTTERS: The Prescise And Faster Way To Do Cutting Job,

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Plasma cutting and welding is the new technology for welding and cutting, and is very efficient. Earlier, when this technology emerged it was very expensive, thereby very difficult to own for general users. But now this technology is very cheap and easy to own. Some of the reputed welders like Welder Bros make use of this plasma cutting technology to make things right. Dealing with hardware and other metal become very easy with coming up of this technology. This is very precise and fast to do its job in the perfect manner and to provide you the best of finishing out of it.

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How does it work?

This system is operated manually with the help of a handle, when it is operated it produces a spark to melt the metal and there by cutting through it. This system uses a compressed air system to produce plasma gas and to cut the metal. It is composed of a nozzle and a pair of electrodes through which electric current flows.

First, you have to switch on the DC power supply, so the current starts flowing through the electrodes and then when you trigger the handle of the torch the compressed air line is activated. And the compressed air starts flowing through the line and its makes the electrodes to be separated a bit thereby creating a gap between the two. Now, due to higher potential of the electric current the insulation of air between the electrodes breaks down and this makes the current to  jump from one electrode to the other. So making a spark that converts the compressed into plasma that ultimately heats up the metal and the gradually raises its temperature.

And the point when part of the cutting metal becomes molten, the compressed air removes the molten part thereby cutting the metal into two parts. So the only thing that you will need for this operation is the compressed air and the DC power supply. And you don't have to be trained to use this system, anyone can use this. You just have to take some of the safety precautions before using this system. This system is very cheap as there is no fuel is burned in the process, and the so there is no pollution. This system is very accurate and fast in its working and now it is owned by most of the commercial companies for the vast production of metallic products.

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