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Toasters for 2016 - Why Buy?,

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A great start to any day is almost always had by downing a golden piece of toast that’s been smothered in butter with marmalade or honey. Toast should be quick and easy and the very best toasters at Appliance Authority allow you to make great toast fast.

If you want to brown a bagel, warm up artisan bread, toast a baguette, it’s easy to do in a toaster that has adequate functionality. What’s more, toasters these days look ideal in the kitchen, as it can add an artistic persuasion to the countertop.


What to Look For

A toaster should do more than merely toast bread. Toasters of this era can help you to make the very most of every dish that includes toasted bread. The best toaster for your needs will have a variety of features and functions, it will be the right size and come with an appropriate design.The company who created the product will provide at least adequate backup, should there ever be a need for it.



With a precise shade setting, it can make the difference between something verging on inedible to something that’s a perfect shade of golden brown. Thus, you should choose a toaster that comes with a variety of shade settings, and, more importantly, an exacting way to select between those presets.

Think also about convenience. Newer toasters frequently come with an automatic toasting capability. Automatic toasters have a motor which completes the toasting cycle simply by pushing a button, or the toaster senses the bread when inserted into the slot.

With some, you can toast as many as four or even six slices together. Others will permit you to toast wider or longer breads or bagels.


Toasting Functions

Like today’s TVs, a toaster can have a plethora of functions, but if you can’t use them, there’s little point. Many will have standard functions, while others afford additional functions that permit the perfect slice of toast.

Go for toasting functions that allow you to observe the toasting process throughout, then you can add more time if required by touching a single button.



Modern toasters should look good, if not great. And most of them do. In which case, they either sit well in the high-tech kitchen, or they brighten a more simplistic kitchen area and add a level of sophistication.

Good toasters should never burn you whenever you touch the sides. And a good toaster should be aesthetically appealing, be easy to clean, and easy to store, too.


Help & Support

Your new toaster should come with a year’s warranty. Some, such as the Cuisinart range, come with three years, which adds more peace-of-mind.


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