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Things to Consider When Hiring a Roofing Contractor,

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If you’re looking to hire a contractor such as Cockeysville roofing contractor to undertake a new roofing job, you will already be aware that it is a sizable investment. As such, you need to be sure you are getting the right contractor in for the job. Here, we assess some basic aspects for when it comes to making a selection.
  1. The bidding process
Taking bids on your project? And of course, you should. But don’t be tempted to immediately choose the lowest bidder to undertake the work. A low bid, after all, can provide indication that the work will be sub-standard and the materials of poor quality. On the other hand, the contractor may be in a position to offer a low bid on account he has low overheads or is able to source materials at lower prices. If there is any doubt, feel free to ask how they managed to arrive at the low-priced bid.
  1. In business for how long?
A key question to ask is how long has the contractor been in business? In this line of business, at least in some states, it’s easy to gain entry, which in turn means that almost anyone can do it, irrespective their credentials. Those who perform sub-par work rarely last in business for more than a few months. Thus, choose a contractor who has at least three years proven experience behind them.
  1. Insured and licensed
Is your chosen roofing contractor insured and licensed? In most states it is an offence for a roofing contractor to undertake work without an appropriate license, which serves to protect the consumer. Furthermore, the contractor must have insurance, particularly workers’ compensation and liability. Without it, you’ll be open to an assortment of risks.
  1. Get references
Any reputable contractor in any business will happily supply previous work references. Of course, this will be a list of the happy customers rather than those who may have a gripe. But it’s far better than nothing at all.
  1. Better Business Bureau
If there are any unhappy customers, this is where you’ll find them. However, any company that has dealt with many customers will very likely have a few complaints. So, the important thing here is how they dealt with those complaints.
  1. Good communication skills
Try to find a contractor that has solid communication skills. After all, you need to discuss your project at length, and you’ll need an abundance of answers to your questions. Further, you’ll want to be kept informed as work progresses. Poor communication simply leads to misunderstandings, and that can spell disaster.
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