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Why Is Clash of Clans So Addictive,

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No mobile game user worth their salt will be ignorant of the mega game that is sweeping the planet right now. This game is the hugely successful development from Supercell and is named as Clash of Clans. Right from college students to retired persons staying at home, people are hooked to this deceptively simple but highly addictive game and are doing all they can to win an edge over their competitors in the Clash of Clans universe.

So, why is this game so addictive? Let us begin by understanding what the game is really about.

What Is Clash of Clans about?

Clash of Clans is a strategy building game that is designed for mobile platforms such as Android and iPhone. In this game, instead of building regular city buildings, you are going to build forts and other defense structures. To build these structures, you need some resources, which are gold and elixir. You can build gold mines to get gold, and also you can build an elixir collector to get elixir.

On the other hand, the basic premise of the game is defending your clan. To do that, you need to build an army. This army will contain different kinds of troops, with different strengths and qualities. You start by building the basic ones, and then go on to build more sophisticated types as the game progresses.

You can also build other structures such as watchtowers, cannons, walls, etc. These are defensive structures that can protect you in the time of any army attack.

Now, with your army, you can attack neighboring villages which belong to goblins. Or, you could even attack the towns of other players in the nearby towns. This adds to the action in the game. Each time you win an attack, you get a trophy and your level and reputation rises. But, here you must remember that if you attack someone, there are all chances that they might attack you too, and with a better army too. If that happens, you might lose your trophies.

One more aspect of the game is the community aspect. Clash of Clans allows you to band together with other players and carry out multiplayer attacks on others. This can ensure a victory, but at the same time, it must be remembered that other multiplayer groups can attack your town too.

Throughout the game, gems are a very essential commodity. They are not compulsory to use at any point within the game, but if you use them, you could speed up a lot of processes such as the construction of buildings, upgrade of the troops, and even the simpler tasks such as cutting down of trees, rocks, and such other obstacles that might stand in the way of expanding your town.

This is definitely a high-adrenaline game and that’s the reason people are so hooked to it. Over time, you can upgrade your buildings and improvise your attacks and your soldiers themselves. All these factors contribute to making the game more addictive.

Making an Interesting Game More Interesting

While everything works in favor of Clash of Clans, there are some frustrating points too.

One of the most frustrating aspect is the long periods of time that the buildings or the troops take to upgrade. Once you give the upgrade command, you have to wait for long times till the upgrades are carried out. As the level progresses, these waiting times only increase. This is the reason why some people get bored and maybe even switch the game to play something else.

However, if you are a true-blue Clash of Clans fan, then you could use a few cheats, strategies, and tricks to make your gameplay easier. There are many such cheats available, like the clash of clans astuce gemmes. This does exactly what the name suggests. Once you implement this cheat, you will find a large number of gems adding into your treasury. In fact, there are also cheats that can add an unlimited number of gems in your town’s reserves and then you could use them in any way you like.

If you don’t want to go directly for cheats, you could look for some tricks to make the game easier. There is a basic difference between cheats and tricks. While cheats do the whole thing for you and just give you the end result, tricks are much more fun to use. When using tricks, you actually have to do something and do it the right way. For this reason, tricks are much more popular among people who want to play their games without resorting to unfair means.

What Tricks Are Available for Clash of Clans?

All you have to do is to search on Google with the proper search words. If you look for something like ‘Clash of Clans gems trick’, you are going to get a lot of places where you could get those gems for free. Then, you could play using them to your heart’s content.

There are other tricks available as well. Some tricks are about increasing the levels of elixir or gold in your town. When supplies go in red, it might be a good time to take due care about them and probably use a cheat so that their numbers do not dwindle below a particular limit. If the resources aren’t enough, they could put a huge dampener of your face. Apart from the purple liquid that is so famously called as elixir, there is also another thing that people go for, and that is the gold.

Now, there are several reviews sites where cheats, tips, and walkthroughs are put up. It might do you good to visit these places and then see what people are telling about the game. People won’t just put up their feedback, but they will also give out some tricks that they have learnt along the way. So keep your eyes peeled and read the comments. Usually, they make as much sense as the original post and it is fun to read them to know more.

Some Tricks to Remember

If you are playing Clash of Clans, there is one thing you must definitely know, and that is to not spend all your gems at once in the start. Gems are very hard to come by, and once you use them, you will have to depend on some other player to donate the gems to you. Instead, there are some Clash of Clans places where you can learn these tricks for free and then maybe pass it on to your community.

Another trick that you have to bear in mind is that you should not attack a friend suddenly. If you do that, then your shield opens up, which means that once you attack somebody. Then you are left fighting people when you are not even ready.


A way to circumvent this issue is to wait till all your defenses are put up properly first. You must see whether your soldiers are upgraded well. Then see how well your town hall and all the other defense you have built stands against any enemy attacks. Also build the watchtowers and cannons as soon as you can because they will be able to do for your town what the troops will not. These structures keep protecting your town even when your troops cannot.

One more thing that could help you have a better time with Clash of Clans is to be active in the community. The game has an active community, both in the game and out of it. Conversing with other people who play the same game will help you know a lot of tricks about the game that could improve your gameplay. Another thing that they will help you do is to build multiplayer strategies that could help you win battles and earn those trophies that every Clash of Clans player dreams of.

Clash of Clans is a player that is fun when you plan strategies and employ all the upgrades as they become active. The game actually evolves as you play more and becomes better and better. There can never be a dull moment in the game because all the time there is something for you to do. Even when you are not actively attacking someone, you are building your town to be stronger, and planning your next offense or defense.

These are all the reasons that make Clash of Clans so highly addictive. The game is virtually unstoppable, and with each level that you cross, there are new goals to achieve and thus improve your reputation. Plus, you get a chance to put up all those posts on Facebook and within the Clash of Clans community. All this helps you connect with more people who play the same game. It becomes a fun adventure to connect with likeminded people and play a game that the whole world loves so much.

Do not forget to take a look at Clash of Clans gems tricks, cheats, and strategy guides to make the game more fun to play and spend time with.

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