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The Car of Your Kid's Dreams,

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Having a kid is great. It is the most fulfilling feeling you have ever experienced, you help shape a human being, and he or she is darn cute, for sure. But how about when it is time to go to bed? Can you send your kid to sleep easily or does that process usually end up with you falling asleep and them walking back into the living room? Believe us, it is a more common problem than you would like to believe.

So when it comes to bed time, would you like to get some help? Sure, not giving them sugar right before bed time helps, but it will not make them excited to go to bed... like a race-car bed will!


Get a brand new shiny race car bed from** **and see if you can keep them out of it! There are lots of options to choose from for boys and girls, too. So if your boy or girl is a fan of beds, getting them to bed will be a lot easier with these high quality goodies. And some options even include working headlights, so when they feel scared they can turn on the lights of their own bed - now is that an added bonus or what?

Laying in an actual car bed will be much more satisfying than looking at pictures of cars before they go to sleep. You could even surprise them and change their curtains, pillows, etc. too. Maybe send them over to their grandparents' house for a weekend and get to work on their room. When they return, their face will be very fun to watch! There is nothing more entertaining than a surprised, happy kid, you should know that by now.

If you have a doll-fan girl, you could arrange her favorite dolls in the car alongside her, so it will feel like they are taking a trip together each night. One night they could go to the Bahamas while another night they could take a trip to the sundae store down the street. It it not important where they are going, what matters is being in that car with the dolls and experiencing it together. And you will be right there to chaperon, of course. They cannot drive without a grown-up now, can they?

Imagine the proud look on your kid's face when they invite a friend over and that friend falls in love with your kid's bed. You might not think of it much now, but do you remember how important these things were when you were a kid? Personally, I did not have a race car bed but I do remember how much I wanted a car for my doll. I don't know what it is between the kids and the cars, but I have never met a kid that did not love a car.

So get the car of his or her dreams for your kid and enjoy watching them go to sleep each night.

 Check it out, the above pages contains a lots of good info.

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